The exterior of a home creates the first impression for your guests -- why not make it appealing?At Pinnacle Painters, we're here to help with just that! Careful preparation is the key to the quality of our work and that is what we live by.

We cover all the aspects of exterior home painting, including the masonry and wood painting. Our exterior home painting contractors hold years of experience in the field of painting and at the same time, driven by their passion and dedication.

Our exterior painting job includes:
•    Carpentry services
•    Stain removal
•    Decks and fences
•    Pressure washing
•    Green painting

Our painting process includes the following steps- surface preparation, painting, cleaning, priming, and inspection. You can trust us with the entire home painting and decorating tasks. Our team possesses the expertise of doing it all efficiently. At the same time, we will work with you to finalize the design and shades and will schedule the paint job according to your convenience. Choosing us is indeed a safe, smart, and confident choice.

Feel free to discuss your requirement and choice with us and we will bring to you an upbeat solution. Our team of exterior home painting contractors are always here to discuss your requirements, so, get in contact with us without any hesitation.


When repainting a house, which has been coated in the past, it is essential to take every measure to ensure that the home will maintain its new look for an extended period of time. Below is the step-by-step procedure that we go through at Pinnacle to achieve this goal.


This step is crucial in removing dirt and mildew from the exterior surface of the home and providing a clean surface for the primer/paint to adhere to. At Pinnacle we typically power wash with water, but in cases of severe mildew growth we apply a bleach solution for best results.


At this stage in the painting process we thoroughly scrape all of the loose and failing paint off the house. The scraping process is important in providing a long life span for the paint job.


After the home is cleaned of any dirt and loose paint we are ready to seal up all cracks and joints with caulk. This protects the interior of the home from moisture problems and can also save money for heating. For older homes with pane-glazed windows we reglaze them to make the home air tight.


The next step in the paint process is to apply a primer coat to any areas of bare wood. Primer acts similar to a double-sided glue, sticking to the bare surface while holding a finish coat on top of it.


After the home is completely prepped we are finally ready to apply a finish coat of paint. This stage gives the home color and will make it look like new. For most older homes we recommend two coats of paint. Choosing a high quality product to coat a home with can add years on to the life of the paint job. At Pinnacle we use only the best products. Our painters are skilled and knowledgeable in the craft and can answer any additional questions you may have and we guarantee customer satisfaction.