Simple Tips to Spice Up the Look of Your Kitchen (Without Remodeling)

A kitchen is the heart of the home. Therefore, there is a need to keep it trendy and fashionable especially when you are living in developed states of US like Connecticut. There are some things you need to figure out to give your kitchen a new look without much remodeling. Do you know the color that won’t go out of style ever? It’s no other than white. Do you know where kitchen designs are evolving nowadays? People are choosing unique, bold styles. 

If you want to spice up your kitchen without spending much money on full-renovation, trying new painting styles and techniques is something you must do. 

Here’s a quick list for you to follow:

1. Experiment with Bold and Quirky Colors

You can give your kitchen that bold and dramatic look by playing with a contrast of soft and vibrant shades. Pastel colors like aqua or teal when used in combination with metallic shades can make your kitchen look more spacious and super-trendy. Painting the kitchen with such colors will require precision and experience, which is why we would suggest you to hire us instead of running out on a DIY spree. 

2. Keep It Neutral

White is a perfect color for almost every room. However, it may make your kitchen look quite plain. Use light gray in contrast with white to give it a clean and bright look. Since gray is a neutral color, it would bring it natural light to the kitchen.

3. Go for Blue to Add a Dazzle to the Kitchen

Blue is one of simplest and most commonly used shades. You can paint your kitchen in shades of dark blue and icy blue to create a cool ambience. These shades will go well with your wooden windows and other appliances. 

4. Match a Pop of Color with Wallpaper


Wallpapers will make your kitchen look elegant and give a unique appearance to it. Generally, if you are using floral wallpapers prefer pairing them up with green color cabinets or backsplash that will match well. (Furnishing Tip: You can an antique, wooden stool or butcher block to give your kitchen a rustic look.)

5. Rich Jewel Tone

Deep red color is rarely choosen, when it comes to painting the kitchen. If you try to pair it with brass color hardware and a light gray backsplash, it will give a cool and trendy look to your kitchen. 

6. Dual-Tones Can Be a Great Choice

Painting in the walls in dual shades is quite a rage these days. Two- toned kitchens are showing progress and are good in the case, you want to create to make it appear spacious. You can choose some bold colors like black and white or light gray and white. These tones will make your kitchen look classy.

Now that you have these unique ideas listed out, giving your kitchen that stunning look without getting in the hassle of remodeling is going to be a breeze. Go ahead, hire the right painting contractors now, and revamp your kitchen in a jiffy!