Means and Ways on How and Why Painting Your Garage is Important

Take pride in painting your own garage with professional advice from painters in Philadelphia

If you have wanted to give your garage a new look via painting it, yet you still have not decided on what to do about it, then it is time for you to read on because we have talked to Professional Painting Contractors in Philadelphia all about it.

It is about time for you to say goodbye to that eye sore you see every day in your garage. With all the dust, dull walls and spots you see all over, maybe now is the time for you to gain some motivation and reward yourself and your garage with a whole new look.

The best thing about painting your garage is that it does not require prior experience! But for you to gain a little extra confidence about painting your garage, we have compiled a simple list of how to and why you should paint your garage.

You may have known or seen Professional Painting Contractors in Philadelphia area paint on your interior walls with the satin sheen or the eggshell sheen; but when it comes to your garage, it is a whole lot different. You can settle for exterior acrylic latex paint to give your garage walls a whole new life.

Painters in Philadelphia recommend the following steps in your garage wall painting:

  1. Get your vehicle outside and clear the area with any of your furniture. You can simple move furniture in the center so as not to burden you from moving it in and out. You also need to remove electrical outlet and switch covers.

  2. When you notice some holes in your walls, Professional painting contractors in Philadelphia recommends using vinyl spackling to fill those in. At the same time, you could use a generous amount of painter’s caulk to cover all seams and cracks.

  3. Using a painter’s tape, mask the electrical outlets. You can also include masking the door and windows. Be sure to mask or securely cover any area you do not want painted.

  4. Before moving on, it is also crucial to remove all the dirt. You can get some help removing dirt from your garage with a degreasing cleaner. This type of cleanser helps a lot and is mostly used by professional painter contractors in Philadelphia to remove motor oil or gasoline. Next, you also need to get rid of the cobwebs and seam between the walls and the baseboard of your garage and use a painter’s caulk.

  5. Grab your paint and give it a good stir. Outline the wall’s perimeter by using a paint brush that is 2-inches in size. After which, you can grab a roller everywhere. And for some instances your roller would not fit in some areas, you can always grab on that brush again.

  6. Professional painting contractors recommend that painting should always start in the corner and about a foot away from the ceiling – and you can do so. Gently spread the paint from the top and go way down on the bottom using your roller and reload it as needed. Move at least to the measure of your roller’s width and start painting in the next adjacent section. Be sure to roll a little bit to the previous section in order to properly merge the paint. Keep doing the same procedure until you have all the walls covered.

  7. Let the first coat dry completely and apply a second coat using the same manner. Allow to dry.

Most home owners do not realize it but giving your garage a coat of paint is one of the cheapest ways you can improve and transform it. Not to mention, it also keeps of all the dust that can get into your vehicle. Now, instead of something you want to hide; your garage could be something you could be proud of.